Saturday, April 19, 2014

Most people see the negative about the tattoo but the tattoo artist, Sapto Raharjo aka Athonk (29), tattoo art is part of the expression of someone. Because the tattoo is personal. Tattoo processing must also be carefully and professionally to look beautiful and taste bercita art. "Tattoos that are home-derived ultimately bring stigma for gang tattoos," he explained to Bernas, Friday (17/11) in between the Gampingan Tatto Expo Campus in the former Faculty of Visual Arts ISI Yogyakarta on 15 to 21 November.

According Athonk, tattoos, and have in fact already developed since first epoch and is traditionally done anywhere. "Just in the development of modern, people bertato often seen out of the norm. Ditato the reason someone is very personal and should have a strong foundation," said the man who opened Studio Tattoos Pure Black Tattoo in Malioboro GT 1 / 77 Yogyakarta.

The desire bertato, continued, must be started from a strong personal desire and ethics can not force someone to bertato, select people who are really professional in the field of tattoos, pictures and select the correct design. Tattoo appropriate processing procedures and post-tattoo skin perwatan needed to support health skin beauty tattoo art, "said jebolan Faculty of Visual Arts ISI Yogyakarta.

Men blond punk with the red-yellow light that this bertato himself because of the rise of the desire of parents menyuruhnya entry Akabri. "Time 2 class high school told my parents enter the military, because I want my tattoo right arm with the tattoo Donald Bebek," he said while showing tattoo on right arm. Tattoos are an expression first appeared serasa make himself ditato longer want to be the hands and back and even neck tattoos and feet also do not escape from the tattoo. "Sayapun start a quarrel with the tattoo in the field of study and practice among their own friends," he said in 1994 started his tattoo menggeluti professionally. From the hobby tattoo done professionally, sambungnya, every month he mengantongi able to Rp 1 million to Rp 2 million. For the tattoo, he does not play. "A day is usually one to three people ask ditato. Depending on the rate and level of design complexity. At this time the design again ngetrend ethnic tribal, ethnic designs incorporate the existing," he said with his skin care cream lotion makes skin healthy and tasty tattoo views. Do you want to decorate your body with tattoos that look more interesting?

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