Sunday, November 3, 2013

Want a tattoo but not sure what to get? We've been checking out some new decor thanks to Interior Design magazine that's pulling inspiration from a seemingly unlikely source: the fine art of tattoo. And we're not talking about kanji symbols or tribal bands...

We're mesmerized by this chair produced by tattoo artist (and owner of Brooklyn-based shop Saved Tattoo) Scott Campbell: his Victorian chair is upholstered in a creamy leather tattooed with a skull-and-scrolls design. And they're not even available to the public (we think): only 200 of these chairs were made exclusively for the FEARnet horror network.

On the west coast, tattoo legend Don Ed Hardy has released a high-end porcelain collection at Ku Ambiance in West Hollywood that pays homage to 17th century Arita porcelain.

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