Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mom tattoos have been around for ages. These pieces are usually pretty straightforward in meaning: an appreciation for one’s own mother. However, given the many styles, and the many years that this design has been going around, it is not unusual for a person to get this tattoo strictly for its kitschy value. It has become an unusual icon that has, and will likely continue to remain, a staple in tattoo art.

Mom tattoos are not restricted to one single design. Many people like to create tattoos that reflect not only the appearance, but the personality of their own loved one. These regularly feature realistic portraits that are surrounded by objects that are important to the wearer’s kin. It may also feature things like the mother’s name, date of birth (and sometimes death); a quote that is relevant to the person in the picture, or occasionally even song lyrics or poem excerpts. These are usually done in dramatic black and whites – sometimes with small bursts of colors in the eyes, or elsewhere.

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